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Liability of the carrier

The carrier's liability is limited under certain treaties and conventions, the transportation of goods by a certain mode of transport to another and the carrier's liability for cargo transported.

  • Sea transport
    • Carriage of goods by sea the carrier's liability is 2 SDR[1] for lost or damaged goods kilogram of gross weight or 666.67 SDR's[1] per container. Liability of the Hague - Visby Rules of 1968 (the latest version of the Lithuania 2004-06-02), these rules are summarized in the other side of the Bill of Lading (BL).
  • Air transport
    • The transport of cargo by air carrier's liability limit under the Warsaw Convention of 1929. Liability of the carrier consisting of 17 SDR[1] per kilo. Summary of the Convention on the other side of the air waybill (AWB).



[1]SDR - Special Drawing Rights. SDR ratio published by the Bank of Lithuania (